by Anthony Sweet

a danRAGE production

In the market that all commodities are a digital concern, the act of writing becomes the leisure of not even the wealthy, but to those individuals whose NDAX net worth reaches a level of abstraction that to the street-level provincial they appear to approach as close to infinite as godly.

The handwriting, legible and neat, reads two names...

What follows is a sci-fi re-imagining* of Jane Austen's seminal Pride and Prejudice. Will you solve the mystery, fueled by corporate culture and financial gain, or will you end up just another burnt-out husk on the street, a runner who strayed too far? Created in Twine for the Public Domain Jam between May 17th to 26th, 2014.

[*]Maybe more like a cover version? Keeps some thematics, alters the form? Let's go with lightly influenced by and leave it at that to avoid offending anyone.

Regencypunk is a Public Domain Jam game. #pdjam


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